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Krupal the freedom city Krupal, literally means The Blessed One. Krupal - The Freedom City is developed by Narayankrupa Infra and MAnek Infra truly is a Freedom City which offers complete freedom from the mundane and exhausting events of everyday life and makes you feel that you indeed are The Chosen One.The entire project has been divided into 5 different Arena. Each arena would then be developed on a particular theme.ReadMore...
Manek Infra
Krupal the freedom cityKrupal 1 is aimed at availing a luxurious lifestyle for evety aspirant. It is a community of those people who dreams for better lifestyle and believe that upper standard of living and high lifestyle are not only for the selected class of society.These 2 BHK low-rise blocks cleverly manages a triangular balance among nature, technology and luxury. Craft work of architectures ensures looks that of a contemporary structure...... ReadMore...
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